92% Humidity

Warm-up: SSH WMH Good mornings LBAC Annie Slow squats   The Thang: Ricky Bobby to farmers market pavilion Part 1: 25 Johnny dramas then lunge walk the length of pavilion 25 squats then lunge walk length of the pavillion Butt kickers down and back Part 2: Mosey to board of elections parking lot Absolution x […]

Followers Make Leaders

This morning I completed the famed Trip Nip by Qing all three Hillsborough AOs in one week.  Have you ever felt like leading, but thought you may be taking the Q too often? The northern province not only invites you to lead three times in one week, they’ll award you a plaque for doing so. […]

Three parts of the Trip Nip

YHC was feeling extremely sore as the ultimate Q for the Trip Nip was imminent…5th straight workout after being off a week for vacation, played pick up soccer last night…and the 5ishK Extra Credit with Elf, Nickelback and Cortes was great on the fellowship, but didn’t do much to loosen things up…We returned a moment […]

An Old Favorite: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

6 Pax joined YHC for some rainy, Friday morning fun at Duck and Weave. YHC returned to an old favorite, the Paula Abdul, in a desire to stay dry. Turns out, it didn’t matter – we still got wet. Warm Up SSH Imperial Walkers Willie Mayes Hayes Arm Circles Slow squat Overhead Clap Slow Merkins […]

Add to the Lore

YHC rolled up at 0501 for EC. I didn’t even have my shoes on yet. Nickle Back said I should run EC without them to “add to the lore.” How great is it to start a day hearing you’re part of lore? Pretty great if you ask me. Warmarama SSH while naming the 5 requirements […]

How Winners Win Cinco de Mayo Style

  4 Year Anniversary of Duck & Weave F3 Churham took a risk 4 years ago entrusting the expansion of the region into the Northern Province of Hillsborough, NC and today we celebrated the launch of our first AO, Duck & Weave. It was May 5, 2017 when the AO launched therefore it has become […]

Return from IR

YHC stayed up late last night hatching a plot to have the Strava fellas publish a route that read “F3” by using downtown Hillsborough as this morning’s running path. But the bursitis in YHC’s knee had a different idea, so we opted for a smaller, more core and upper-body focused Q. Run for Malawi is […]

Keeping it Simple

It has been a while since YHC took the helm anywhere in the Northern Province – fatherhood, M’s busy work schedule leading to dad-daycare duty, etc. Earlier in the week, Gilligan recruited YHC to take the Q, so YHC obliged. Unlike many of my fellow Pax, YHC lacks creativity when it comes to building a […]

Gonna Get Myself Up North

It’s been way too long since I’ve been to the Northern Province.  Great group of guys up there.   Warm-Up SSH Imperial Walkers WMH Slow Merkins Michael Phelps Pax Choice   Main Event Elevenses In Cadence Bear Crawl / Merkins. Do 10 merkins, then 1 in cadence bear crawl.  Then, 9 merkins and 2 ICBC.  […]

Pathfinder First WOD

YHC has signed up for the new Pathfinder Class (025) so what better way to incorporate workouts into the schedule than to Q them! It has been a while since adding weight into the workouts in the Northern Province while adhering to no shared equipment safety measures in place but today was the day. YHC […]