Running with the Devil

Warm Up SSH x 25 Little Baby Arm Circles x 10.  Reverse.  Always reverse 🙂 Willie Mays Hayes x 10 Good Morning x 10 Harvester x 10 Imperial Walkers x 20 Slow Merkins x 10   The Thang 11s on the side road.  I always underestimate the elevation! Merkins at the bottom starting at 1. […]

Turn It Up to 11

Bitcoin during his weekly Hutch (running before meeting up with Falcon crew at Bean Traders) was kind enough to invite YHC to Q at DR. This is the last week before kid schlepping will make going this far afield in the mornings a no go, so seemed like good timing to take this one. Pleased […]

Mix of things at the Ridge

Warmup SSH x 25 Little baby arm circles x 10 reverse arm circles willie Mays Hayes x 10 Mosey to parking lot towards reservoir 11’s PAX ran up and down the sloped lot there while doing Merkins at top (1) and Jump Squats at bottom (10), until 10 merkins and 1 JS Mosey over to […]

Men at Merk

Merkin Monday is a grand tradition at Devil’s Ridge, so YHC felt honor-bound as a non-DR-regular to deliver on that front during a rare Q here. In response to the pre-blast, Sweatervest and Bitcoin attempted to out-exclamation-point themselves on Slack in eager anticipation of the merkin mania. The hype was high. Here’s how it went […]

Circles & Ladders

Warm-up A fairly typical F3 warm-up consisting of 10-15 reps of each of the following: Side Shuffle Hop Good Morning Willie Mays Hayes Imperial Walker Hillbilly Arm Circles Slow Squat Slow Merkin Main Event The group mosied to a low stone wall fronting the Law School building. The PAX completed 2 supersets on the wall: […]

Merkin MonLegDay

A little while back, Devil’s Ridge AOQ Bitcoin threw out an online poll, asking the PAX if they wanted to keep Devil’s Ridge start time delayed at 0600, or move it back to the original 0530 launch. YHC will typically hit The Eagle on Monday mornings, as he literally walks to that site. But variety […]

Recovery Burpees

YHC arrived early to find Gordo stretching and Botched/Soybean coming in from a 5k EC run.  We joked about the recovery burpees towards the end after being pretty gassed on those sequences.  Good work by all today! WARM UP: SSH x 37 10 IC Merkins WMH x 10 IW x 10 Arm Circles   Mosey […]

Build-A-Plank Workshop

Another Labor Day, another convergence between Devil’s Ridge and Jolly Roger. YHC showed up early to get in an EC run, and 11 additional PAX would join me for a cool morning in September.   Warm-Up SSH x30 10 penalty burpees for Misery’s tardiness. All other tardies were excused. LBAC x10 forward, x12 reverse Willie […]

All-Around Beatdown

4 pax got shortchanged .1 miles for an EC 5K and 12 hit some fan-favorite landmarks on Duke’s campus for an all-around Monday morning beatdown in the late August gloom.  A little variety pack to get the week started! Warm up 10 burpees, bunny hop the hill that gives way to the baseball field and […]

Good ol’ Merkin Monday

To YHC, Monday’s are critical transition days and it’s important to transition in the best and strongest way possible.  YHC believes in kicking the week of right.  In prepping for today’s Q the focus behind the planning was to come up with something that when announced would raise doubt of achieving but once under way […]