The Rep, the Whole Rep, and Nothing But the Rep

A good F3 disclaimer includes phrases like “modify as necessary.” Iron Pax is an excellent example. Some PAX knees might give out should they jump horizontally over a block. Modify! Murder Bunnies are just a bad idea (that I do anyway) and we should give thanks when they don’t result in injury. Modify! Here’s my […]

Death Crawl

Warmarama PAX did one burpee each time they hear halt. mosey, high skip, Frankenstein, Lunge Walk, karaoke, bunny hop, backwards run, toe touches Main Event Split into 2 groups. 1 group of PAX did core Stone Soup—Hello Dolly, LBCs, Dolly, etc. The other did: • 20 box jumps • 20 split squats each leg • […]

Back to Back

Knope dealt a serious beatdown at Kenan Monday. I’ve become listen to my body and remember thinking that I should take a rest day Tuesday. Wouldn’t you know I had a Q Tuesday…. and Wednesday. No rest for the weary. Warmarama Michael Phelps, Hillbilly, SSH, PortaPotty Chinooks, mosey’d to CHHS   Main Event 10 Inchworm […]

Rock Around the Clock

Warmarama Imperial Walker, Hillbilly, Seal Jacks, SSH, Bat Wings followed immediately by 10 Contra burpees OYO. ME Aiken Legs at using the picnic tables. 10 single leg step up each leg 20 Bench Squats 10 Split squats each leg 20 Johnny Dramas Repeat 2 more times Rock Around the Clock! Using the little circle, we […]

No Running

Who loves to run? If you said I do, you’re weird… and you know it. I can say that cause I love to run, so I’m not judging others different than I judge myself. For whatever reason, most men avoid running like they avoid talking about their feelings despite the fact both are really good […]

Mando, Not Han Solo

Not a single HC as of 0500. I run to the AO. It was 30 degrees. I was trying to get mentally right for a Han Solo post, but 4 HIMS came through for me. For those of you who’ve not seen The Mandalorian series, what do you do with your time? In this latest […]


Warm Up SSH, Imperial Squat Walker, Mosey’d to CHHS ME Pyramid 1 10 hand release burpees 20 dry docks 30 lunges 40 mountain climbers 50 squats jumps 40 mountain climbers 30 lunges 20 dry docks 10 hand release burpees Run the little hill. Pyramid 2 10 split squats 20 step ups 30 kiss under the […]

Welcome Back, Potter

Live from WKRP at Conjunction Junction YHC had two pleasant surprises on Tuesday evening as I scrolled the glowing screen before me –  First, finding myself atop the Q sheet at the CJ  the next morning. And second, getting an HC from western traveling PAX, Malware (and by association, his 2.0 Potter), freshly returned from […]

Billy Madison Failed… again

Man-child Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) was spoiled all his life. His father finally laid it down and forced him to retake and pass every grade in 24 weeks. We made it only to grade 11. 12th would have added burpees. I call this a Q fail, but I think the other students earned enough credit […]


I promised the any HIM present this AM would learn at least one new exercise’s name. For most of us, it was 2! I mistakenly called Burpos Bropees. Apparently, I only learned one new name! Warm Up SSH, seal jacks, smurf jacks, hillbilly, imperial walker, slow merkins ME Traveling Contra Burpees- broad jump, burpee, repeat […]