Map of the Stars

I wanted to do a 7×10 station escalator  in honor of my dad’s 70th birthday today. As I was looking at a map to determine “station” location, I noticed how many PAX have homes clustered around the AO. And so we did a loosely planned tour of 7 PAX homes and shared their naming story […]

Slow, Medium, Fast

  After a long absence from the Q sheet for a variety of mostly bad reasons, YHC decided it was about time to get back to the Qing game. And it’s always good to Q the Big House. With overnight showers, the gloom was thick and the ground especially wet. Two PAX got an EC […]

Tour of the BC AO’s – Past and Present

So in thinking about the Q this week – I really wanted to do an interval workout. But I felt that I’d done a few of those at The Rabbit recently and wanted to mix things up a bit. For inspiration I went down the rabbit hole (see what I did there?) of old backblasts […]

Tabata and the King of Pain

YHC arrived to find Chum lying flat on the pavement claiming to be stretching, h0wever, he looked quite dejected and sad about it.  Shortly thereafter Jingles showed up, which surprised the PAX and resulted in much mumblechatter about his morning routine which, as it turns out, involves a 4:15 alarm and ~20 minutes of staring […]

Partner Whispers

YHC hasn’t Q’d a bootcamp in quite some time. When this happens, YHC always picks the Wall to get back into Q shape, likely given my history as site Q a few years back. YHC arrived to find 6 or 7 PAX already gathered and engaged in various mumble chatter. The watch hit 5:30, Duplo […]

Unleash The Beast

15 PAX convened amid a humid, drizzly morning at The Wall as YHC celebrated his six-year F3 anniversary by repeating his first F3 workout (original backblast is still viewable here). The memory of the Adolphus EH, and then waiting in the dark, empty Bastille parking lot, wondering who would show up and what would happen […]

Wheel Spokes and Taco Back-talk

YHC pulled inspiration (stole ideas) from a couple past Big House workouts, one led by Chum and one by Paperjam. The structure of using the two intersecting parkways at the traffic circle as spokes of a wheel to guide the flow of activity was lifted cleanly from Paperjam, while Thing 2 below was plagiarized almost […]

Sloppy burpees. Slurpees?

Now that we’re all coming out of COVID-19 coma it’s time to start doing some socially-distanced group workouts again and I owe some Q’s, so here goes. Upon awakening to pouring rain I started to think I would be doing this solo this morning, but miraculously the clouds parted within 10 minutes of our starting […]

100s in Memoriam

Last night was one of those nights where YHC woke up every hour and looked at the clock, while having dreams of sleeping through the Q, or forgetting friends names in the COT, or forgetting the workout. One would think that after almost a year of Q’ing, these rookie fears would subside, but alas, no. […]

Back Out for a Ladder in the Rain

We had been closed down for two months due to SARS CoV-2 and the coronavirus disease it causes, dubbed COVID-19. This week we emerged from our best efforts at social and physical isolation with steps back out into the gloom (and gloom it was – driving rain at 4:30 AM would have driven YHC back […]