Dirty MacDeucing at The Big House

The Dirty Macdeuce has quietly risen to the top of YHCs favorite workouts. It checks all the boxes for me: Running, upper body, lower body, and core. It’s 4 circuits of 3 exercises done to 12 IC reps. Each set has one chest exercise, one leg exercise and one core exercise. 1/2 mile ‘yog’ between […]

Mysterious, thick and vicious

Today started with a mystery.  Who will be the Q?  Eight regulars show up to the Thicket (3 for EC block work) and one guy that usually only shows up at Running AOs.  Turns out the mystery Q was the runner guy (and Your Humble Correspondent). YHC set the alarm for 5:30AM, which is the […]

This aggression will not stand, man

Another Splashback Q – another trip down the archives of F3 backblasts in search of inspiration. Saw a few “4 corners” routines that caught my eye – but I couldn’t make it work in my head when thinking about the layout at the wall. So I pulled up google maps and went in search of […]

Themeless & Timeless

It had been far too long since my last Q, so I found an open date at The Jag. The goal was to enjoy much of what the AO has to offer and keep the tempo reasonably high. There was no discernible theme and time did appear to stop briefly at around 5:45 a.m., but […]


Warm up:  Arm circles (forward and reverse), Good mornings, Ass kickers, SSH The Thang:  After a carefully planned Q we showed to find the Poo-Plant had some extra stank to it this morning so an audible was called at the request of the PAX. Ricky Bobby to the start of Constellation Park pathway.  After an […]

MNF Sucks.

Yesterday Catskill put it out there that the Q sheet was open for today at The Jag and suggested an All-Q. Those can be a lot of fun, but I was on the fence at best about posting today due to a known late night due to MNF with my Ravens starting a football game […]

There’s Never any Traffic When you Need It

Intro: YHC has been out of the F3 mix for over a week dealing with sinus issues. It’s been difficult being away from something that I really have come to rely on so I was grateful to get back out there this morning. I called out some ManMaker EC on slack but when I realized […]

Exercising Demons

Intro: The Subject of Demons has come up more than once in the mumblechatter out here in the gloom. I’ve overheard PAX discussing things they’re struggling with, challenges they’ve overcome and sometimes plain old bad energy. A certain PAX who shall remain nameless once said near the end of an EC ruck – (Forgive me […]

Return of the Dee WOD

The lure of the fart sack has been strong for me lately. I took over a week off from working out during my un-vacation to try and heal some nagging aches and pains and getting back into the groove has been more difficult than I’d imagined. As Dueling Banjos is fond of saying – “One […]