Emptying the tank at Vortex

YHC made a return to the Vortex last week for a #SweatsQ and when Newt put out the call to fill the open Q spot for today, YHC jumped at the opportunity. Tuesday, 3/10/20 marks an historic day for the UNC Basketball team – they are the last place (14) seed going (owing to a […]

Pushes and Pulls and Farmers, Oh My!

WARM UP – SSH, Slow Merkins, Alternating Lunges, Arm Circles, Merkins and two laps around the field THE THANG – Split into pairs, then each pair were assigned a coupon exercise. One PAX completed the exercise, while the other ran a lap around the perimeter of the soccer fields. Each pair rotated through all coupon […]

The Big 40, Beano!

All the Animals gathered this morning to celebrate Beano’s 40th birthday. There was a little music to keep the energy high and lots of coupons to maintain an appropriate level of mayhem. WARM-UP: SSH, Merkins, Air Squats, Arm Circles, Windmills THE THANG: 2/7 Birthday WOD – (15 mins continuously completing the following) 2 laps around […]

The Eagle Soars

TClaps to Ocho and Barksdale for growing The Eagle to what it is today.  The site hit the three-year mark with this week, and I hit my five-year mark at the same time.  Kim Jong Still head locked me for my first post at Fetzer with Shooter, and Dean Smith had recently died.  I typically […]

Zeroing in on midfield at Kenan Stadium

YHC hasn’t been able to get out in the gloom much the past few weeks due to a headache for a few weeks, blood tests came back great, CT scan came back looking like a beaut…but still it persisted…YHC was feeling good enough to get out in the gloom for the first time in a […]

Block Party

YHC had the honor of closing out Green Acres’ month of OGs. There were some serious heavyweights who had come before so the task was daunting. At 5:25 when YHC arrived at the AO there were 5 or 6 PAX furiously lifting weights, coupons, and battle ropes. We made them put them away at 5:29 […]

Rameses Greatest Hits

YHC was excited to get his first 2020 Q at Rameses – the OG site of Chapel Hill – and wanted to use all its toys. Cosmo put the siren call out for Tar Heel Warrior Mountain EC Rucks and 5 responded – despite the 25 degree temps. YHC arrived with the Ruckers working hard […]


Animal House is a great sight with many options from which to choose so YHC didn’t hesitate to jump on the Q sheet when Moore sent out the invite on slack for everyone to sign up back in December. The temp was a bit cooler than expected, but things warmed up quickly once we got […]

Slow Smoked

10 high-speed pax gathered in the gloom of the OEC for a frosty beatdown. Started with a fellowship run up to the LDS Church parking lot for warmup (SSH, Seal Jack, Imperial Walker, LBAC, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, Slow Merkin). Partnered up, fellowship run to the grass field behind the church. Lined up […]

Animal House Lives On

Was a nice 25 degrees this morning but 15 PAX showed up to celebrate Animal House and keep it rolling. Food Lion has been a wonderful leader keeping the AO going through inconsistent numbers. He is stepping down as Site Q and we are fortunate to have Moore step up and take the reigns. Numbers […]