Welcome Back, Potter

Live from WKRP at Conjunction Junction YHC had two pleasant surprises on Tuesday evening as I scrolled the glowing screen before me –  First, finding myself atop the Q sheet at the CJ  the next morning. And second, getting an HC from western traveling PAX, Malware (and by association, his 2.0 Potter), freshly returned from […]

Mosey + AMRAP

YHC has been dragging the last couple weeks, struggling mentally and physically, so it was good to get back out in the gloom with my brothers.  Figured today would be a good day to mix in some movement with AMRAP. Warm up:  SSH, WMH, IW, Hillbilly, ACs, MC, slow merkin, and fellowship lap. The Thang […]

Escalation at Kenan Stadium

YHC enjoyed a quick EC 5K with Brotox & Bumpdraft…good warm up and fellowship Warm up SSH IC x 20 Imperial walker IC x 10 Hillbilly IC x 10 WMH IC x 10 Harvester IC x 10 Good morning IC x 10 Arm circles (backwards big/small, forward, backwards) IC x 20 Mountain climbers IC x […]

Trippin’ on Tar Heel Warrior Mountain

Does it get any better than Rameses!? – so many toys…YHC was feeling angry about all of the recent events in the Churham – not at anyone in particular – and maybe everyone with the impacts of this terrible pandemic…YHC is acutely aware of the privilege enjoyed…and as it were, of the opportunity to express […]

Animal House Escalators

Adolphus took a spill on his bike recently and wasn’t feeling up to Q-ing…so he put out the call for a Q substitute and YHC jumped at the opportunity to play with the toys at Animal House – one of the gems of Churham.  Site-Q Moore offered to split the Q and it was game […]

Record Breaking Territory

What a morning. Hooker Fields was the the place to be. All kids of gettin’ after it going on. ROTC, individual workouts, Blindside & Co, and of course the strong and loyal PAX (25 to be exact) who have made Tuesday mornings a habit for getting stronger, faster and some good doses of fellowship.  Backblasts […]

Emptying the tank at Vortex

YHC made a return to the Vortex last week for a #SweatsQ and when Newt put out the call to fill the open Q spot for today, YHC jumped at the opportunity. Tuesday, 3/10/20 marks an historic day for the UNC Basketball team – they are the last place (14) seed going (owing to a […]

Pushes and Pulls and Farmers, Oh My!

WARM UP – SSH, Slow Merkins, Alternating Lunges, Arm Circles, Merkins and two laps around the field THE THANG – Split into pairs, then each pair were assigned a coupon exercise. One PAX completed the exercise, while the other ran a lap around the perimeter of the soccer fields. Each pair rotated through all coupon […]

The Big 40, Beano!

All the Animals gathered this morning to celebrate Beano’s 40th birthday. There was a little music to keep the energy high and lots of coupons to maintain an appropriate level of mayhem. WARM-UP: SSH, Merkins, Air Squats, Arm Circles, Windmills THE THANG: 2/7 Birthday WOD – (15 mins continuously completing the following) 2 laps around […]

The Eagle Soars

TClaps to Ocho and Barksdale for growing The Eagle to what it is today.  The site hit the three-year mark with this week, and I hit my five-year mark at the same time.  Kim Jong Still head locked me for my first post at Fetzer with Shooter, and Dean Smith had recently died.  I typically […]