Bear-Stille Yo Face

Every time I see Southern Village on my calendar, I get a warm giddy feeling inside. It’s like my Happy Place. It’s like donuts and consensual sex. Even when it’s bad to the bone, it’s still hella good. Love the fact that you can expect a healthy number of “Respect!” brothers to show up. Let […]

Clowning Around

Summary: YHC tried to add some “fun” in F3, with mixed results…. Welcome: After introducing the theme of the day, a quick moment of appreciation was delivered for master thespian Burt Reynolds, who just passed away at 82.  He did a good job of taking his craft seriously and having fun at the same time.  […]

What Would Coco Do?

After four miserable, hot, humid, sweaty North Carolina summer months, fall finally showed up this morning. It was awesome. Six came out early for a 5k that may have been closer to a 6k, but on a 55 degree morning it was just fine. As we were finishing the run we realized that the guy […]

Controlled Fury

For the past few weeks, YHC has been eying the Bastille Q sheet.  When TB recently had to drop this week’s Q, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to lead this wonderful men. YHC wanted to do something memorable for the Southern PAX.  Recently, Pusher, a product of the Northern Province, and someone who has […]

Variety Circuits

YHC showed up with an FNG in tow on a humid, wet morning. We briefly waited for another FNG to show up, the disclaimer was given and we began. Warm Up SSH x 20 Willie Mays Hays x 10 Good Morning x 10 Arm Circles x 10 Reverse x 10 The PAX moseyed to the […]

The Bastille day after Bastille Day

The first Bastille workout after this year’s Bastille Day. What to do? My initial thought was 1789 burpees oyo. Then the Rush song “Bastille Day” came to mind. Maybe Canadian trivia? What about a word association to see what random topic we could arrive at starting from Bastille Day? Bastille Day—Rush—Canada—Ottawa-born actress Sandra Oh—Seattle-based Gray’s […]

The Prison Cell

Warm Up SSH, Body Weight Squats, Up/Down/Overs, Arm Circles, Reverse Arm Circles, Lunges, Backwards Lunges, Eric Heidens, a few hip flow moves, Merkins Mosey to the soccer fields Ricky Bobby all the way around SV Community Park, ending at basketball courts The Thang All Pax get into a prison cell (roughly 8×8 concrete slab on […]

Customer Satisfaction Program Redux

With the Customer Satisfaction Program being well received at Kenan on Monday, YHC decided it was perfect for a last minute Q switcheroo. Warmup: SSH (30), Imperial Walkers (10), Windmills (10), Arm Circles (10 forward and reverse), Willie Mays Hayes (10) Ricky Bobby on the path around the soccer fields, ending back at the rock […]

Wondertwin Qs Activate

Keeping it simple was the name of the game for Wuerffel and YHC. Especially since over half of the PAX attending were of a #respect age you don’t want to complicate things lest we forget. Wuerffel kicked things off and where the warmup ended and the thang began is a little fuzzy. Here’s what happened […]

We went from know More to knowing Less

24 PAX emerged from the light gloom for what promised to be “more or less” a solid beat-down by your Co-Q’s and brothers Moore and Less. We tackled sleds and ladders and went from knowing more to knowing less. And, we fit in a bit of work along the way… Warm-up 20 SSH 10 Willie […]