08/09/2022 Farmboys – Mind the (age) gap

With the largest seen age gap at this AO, we had the young whipper snapper Red Rider (14) chasing after the "getting finer with age" Stevie Ray. Pax chilled out after with coffee and bagels at Chapel Hill's finest, Brandweins. Here's the workout: Warm Up SSH Arm Circles Willy Maze Haze Imperial Walker Harvester Slow […]

08/09/2022 The Rabbit – Return to the Rabbit

YHC finally recovered from COVID and a whirlwind trip across Europe. Good to be back out in the gloom and to see everyone again. I promised the PAX an extended warmup and 4 miles and that’s what they got. WARMORAMA – SSH x8 IC Butt kicks x8 IC Knee hugs x 8 IC Frankenstein x […]

08/08/2022 Kenan – A Kingpin among The Godfathers

There are sites where a beatdown is expected and encouraged. Kenan is one of those sites where a beatdown is necessary to please the regulars. I did not intend to Q at Kenan on my third anniversary, but it happened this way because of a switcharoo. I asked Lightweight if we could run the stadium […]

Oh, and once I saw a B.L.I.M.P.

YHC was supposed to have hip surgery July 25 but went and got COVID, so surgery postponed until Aug. 22. Trying to take advantage of this stay of execution by posting as much as possible before going on the shelf for six weeks or so. Empty slot on The Eagle Q sheet was a golden […]

No Time

Another hot and humid morning waited the PAX. And so did a traveling workout featuring an F3 staple, The Beast, at the former BC bootcamp site know as The Mustang. Three did Spartan training EC. Thirteen PAX total showed up. An FNG also arrived. Warm Up Plank Jacks x 20 IC WMH x 10 IC Harvesters […]

08/08/2022 The Rock – Dueling Pyramids

Pyramids were the theme. YHC does not know where the inspiration came from but I digress…. WarmORama: 12-10-8-6 (down and up) SSH 12 IC WMH 10IT Slow Squat 8 IT Finkel Swings 6 IC ea Tap tap taps 8 IC ITWYs 10 IC SSH 12 IC The Thang: Dueling Pyramids 15-12-9-6-3 = 45 total – […]

Dora! Dora! Dora!

Beautiful Saturday morning for some TBL festivities. Mueller led a brief dynamic stretching session for many of us before 14 gathered at 0700 for the ME Standard warm-up then it was time for fun with Dora. We moseyed to end line and partnered up. A few wrinkles added to the standard Dora format of 100, […]

2022 Presidential Fitness Westend

Kicking off August of the F3 presidential fitness challenge and just about five years ago, I started this crazy F3 journey. It is fun to see how all of us have improved from last years presidential to this year.  Warmarama- SSH, WMH, Arm Circles, Michael Phelps, Imperial Walkers, Bushwackers The thang: We started off with […]

08/05/2022 Duck and Weave – Get Back up Again

YHC answered AOQ, Elf's, call for Qs a few weeks back and jumped on the earliest open spot…Still recovering from a family trip to the Great Northwest which included the 3 hour time change and some great mountain trail running and some injuries from said trail running…ironically the injuries on my hands, due to tripping […]

08/05/2022 Honey Badger – 08/05/22 Honeybadger Pile of Rocks

WARMARAMA 25 Side Shuffle Hops IC 15 Imperial Walkers IC 10 arm circles and 10 reverse IC 10 Slow Merkins IC 10 Willie Mays Hayes MAIN EVENT We mosey'd over to a pile of rocks next to the American Tobacco Campus. Everyone grabed a rock. Set a TABATA timer for 1 minute of work with […]