Virtual Jag workout. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Intro: Been doing some virtual workouts lately, which kind of suck without the 2nd F but better than nothing. When Catskill put out the desperate call for a Q I jumped in since I Q’d a Big House workout last December but rain and cold kept nearly everyone away and so it never got its […]

Sunnyside Thanksgiving: your jellybeans are served

Introduction: Sunnyside fell on Thanksgiving weekend this year which is kind of fun. For the PA X available this weekend who could convince their M’s and 2.0’s to work out in the cold I promised hot cider-teeria (all sold out, so hot chocolateeria) following the workout, and was smarter this time in that I had […]

Jedi beat down (I mean training)

INTRO: Haven’t Q’d for a while. Other noble PAX have answered the call, and I’ve got a bit of writer’s block for Sunnyside Q’s, which are more demanding since some element of fun is required. My daughter F3 Schneebly came up with the idea for a Star Wars themed Q, so she gets credit (or […]

Sunnyside World Cup

Introduction: I usually have a theme for these workouts, but today I’ve really got nothin’. The US Women’s World Cup team won yesterday to make it into the semifinals, so there’s that. My daughter F3 Schneebly came up with a good idea for crab vs bear soccer so we’ll do that at the conclusion. I’m sure […]

Speed dating extravaganza

Introduction:  You love meeting people, you love Valentine’s Day, you love early-morning beatdowns. This just writes itself. Welcome to speed dating, F3 style!  Warmup:  The usual suspects for warmup: SSH IC x 30; forward and reverse arm circles, each IC x 10; IW IC x 10; slow-count deep squats SC x 10; merkins IC x 15. The […]

Cold weather, Schmold weather

Introduction YHC has been on the IR off and on a lot lately. Probably a combination of 1) 48 yo 2) gung ho exerciser 3) poor stretcher.  Anyway, Sunnyside is a nice way to get back into the fold, and my M is looking forward to YHC’s beat down today. Under normal circumstances Mrs. Pete […]

World Cup extravaganza

Introduction I grew up playing soccer and it has always been my favorite sport to play, but it wasn’t until adulthood that I became a soccer fan or knew anything about the sports greatest stars, because I grew up in America. Soccer wasn’t televised growing up, and it wasn’t until my 20’s that Spanish TV became […]

F3 Easter egg hunt, and recreating an album cover

(pictured above, our blond PAX frolicking at Briar Chapel’s Astronomy Park at today’s Easter egg hunt) Introduction: Been a busy week for YHC.  I should really be mailing this one in, with a bevy of time-killing curb maneuvers and hill ladder punishments, but I couldn’t resist. I don’t Q much, and I’ve had this notion to involve […]

Briar Chapel’s new F3 neighborhood watch

Introduction: This is my 1 year anniversary for F3, and seasoned vet Yanni was kind enough to switch Q dates with me to let me have this coveted slot – thanks Yanni! A year ago I was a mildly in-shape weekend warrior, who did erratic mountain biking sessions on our lovely BC trails, and had found […]

all my secret trails

  A group of intrepid adventurers assembled in a dark, gloomy parking lot at 06:00 this morning. For mid-February, the weather was actually reasonably pleasant and we warmed up quickly. I look forward to these Saturday morning rucks to varying degrees, depending upon my level of sleep debt, but am always happy afterwards and thankful […]