Tennis Court Pyramids

The low pressure system that had been sitting over the region most of the week had cleared out yesterday. It was a beautiful June morning and 5 PAX got out there early to tackle MMEC. Overall, it was a strong showing today at The Falcon as 19 PAX in all gathered for a Shake It […]

Suicide Ladders

Temperatures finally dropped back into the 60s for some early morning exercise. Not a lot of chatter on the channel the night before, but thankfully Magellan and Trees would join YHC in the gloom. Warm-Up (in cadence) SSH x25 WMH x10 Seal Jacks x20 Slow lunges x10 (5 on each side) The Thang: Suicide Ladders […]

Merkin Ladder and EMOM

The Honey Badger was back after a one week hiatus due to t-storms in the area. Thankfully Knope reminded YHC on Wednesday that he had the Q today. Knope graciously agreed to take a group if we needed to split. So YHC sat down Thursday afternoon and drew up a game plan for today’s festivities […]

Iron Sharpens Iron

YHC strongly encourages the PAX out there to sign up to Q House of Pain, so you can have a poem written about you. It was awesome to see the mix of new and old faces in the gloom as 12 PAX circled up at 0530, not 0600. There was some shade thrown YHC’s way […]

Brad Harper WOD

The stay at home orders have been eased up enough to allow the restart of F3. This will be the first F3 workout at Hurricanrana in 9 weeks. In fact, YHC was supposed to have the Q the week we had to shut things down. It was supposed to be a grand return after spending […]

The Bert WOD

YHC originally had this Q as the Falcon was looking to do a special Q month of past, present, and future site Qs. Of course with the shelter in place orders, it was impossible to get the band back together, so YHC posted this WOD for the PAX to complete on their own. YHC ended […]

The Marathon WOD has been an excellent source of workouts for YHC during the COVID-19 pandemic. On their main page they have a this day in WOD history, and YHC looked up April 15. It turns out today is the 7 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings. This WOD was created to honor the victims of […]

Virtual Loredo WOD

COVID-19 has created a new normal. The President has advised the public to avoid gathering groups of larger than 10, which has put a halt to how we normally do F3. Today was supposed to be a triumphant return to Hurricanrana after setting a blazing time at the Tobacco Road Marathon. Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak […]

The Walls of Riverside

Winter finally arrived, only a month late. A nice balmy 25 degrees greeted 3 PAX this morning. Warm-Up SSH x20 Good mornings x10 WMH x10 The Thang YHC lead the PAX over to the front of the school. Today we were going to do the Walls of Jericho workout from the lexicon. The premise of […]

The Time We Got Kicked Out of the Parking Deck

Another relatively mild January morning. 18 PAX, including 1 FNG, circled up at the flagpole outside of City Hall for another edition of the Honey Badger. YHC gave the disclaimer and our FNG introduced himself to the PAX, works for BCBS and originally from Cincinnati. Warm-Up SSH x30 CC Harvesters x10 CC 10 Merkins SC […]