Launch Hard

Being honest – when Knope, Bellhop, and YHC discussed dates to have the Hard Launch for Romper Room, YHC never even considered that 8/31, being in August, would be part of Labor Day weekend, which is (obviously) a September holiday. So about a week ago, when YHC realized that this was in fact true, YHC […]

Repeato at #tbr

Simplicity makes life easier or so I planned on this soggy Saturday. 8 pax gathered to share their opinions. Warm Up: Slow lap around the field to give some heavy ruckers an extra minute or two to arrive back at the AO. WMH- 15IC, Annie- 15 IC, SSH- 15IC, AC- 10IC and RAC-10IC Main Event: […]

One Lap

22 PAX worked out on a coolish late summer morning. 7 PAX for EC manmakers Warm-Up SSH x 25Little Baby arm circles x 10Reverse it because you just have tooWillie Mays Hays x 10 – Run like Mays, stretch like HaysImperial Walker x 20Mountain Climber x 20Slow Merkins x 10 Fellowship jog around the school […]

The Iron Board of Pain

YHC saw an opportunity staring back at him- the Duck and Weave Q sheet was blank for 8/30/19. As the Pax anxious await the guest Q from Hightower next week on 9/6/19 I knew I needed to do something special for this Q. The motivation was high not only for myself but the Northern Region […]

Where the wild things are

Sometimes, we need to go off the well-travelled path; take chances that we will not get lost or stumble in the dark and unfamiliar places it leads. Into the wild 6 PAX went this misty morning, exploring a different side of our AO and even the dense woods surrounding it. Let the wild rumpus start! […]

EMOM! The Meatloaf!

Fun with Every Minute on the Minute today. Surprisingly gassed by the end considering we did get in some honest to goodness Floyd Planks here and there. WARMUPBasic stuff, Peanut lap, meet at the field and circle up at first goal THANG-EMOM Merkins10 diamond 15 regular 20 regular 25 wide grip 20 regular 10 diamondMosey […]

Over the top

No real theme, just work out to some good tunes. Let’s dot it! Some nights: Warm-up -SSH, jack squats, merkins, mountain climbers x 3 rounds -stretch Old town road: Mosey up the road Hall of fame:  Movement up and down parking lot hill: w/ SSHs after each -bear crawl -lunges -inchworm (only up cause that […]

Dam BoP Dora

A late Q swap with @Elf allowed me proceed with a little plan I’d been hatching for months.  I wanted to venture into an untapped resource of the Hurricarana AO.  In fact, it may be the best dam part. Warmup Welcome to the FNG and disclaimers… Seal Jacks x20, Good Morning x 10, WMH x […]

5 years of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith

5 years ago, Dunphy kept trying to get me to get up early and join him for a workout. I didn’t understand why I would do that when I could get up later and still workout. I finally joined him one Monday morning at Fetzer and I have never turned back. I cannot imagine my […]


Jinx seeded the idea of doing a 5K sandwiched between a 1mi warmup and a 1mi cool down run. I loved the idea but didn’t have much time to route plan for it. So instead I opted to segment the existing 5 miler with key start / end points. I rolled up to a steady […]