Merkin chasing and baseball at the Falcon

With the end of the Month (31st of May), the start of the NCAA Baseball Chapel Hill Regional, and a desire by YHC to break out the Merkin Ricky Bobby/AKA Merkin Gauntlet…we had a full Q planned. SYITG started out strong with an unofficial record of 11 Pax for Man Makers Extra Credit – paced […]

Big group at West End

It was a fine day at West End with 19 brothers participating in the revelry. Our warm-up of Side shuffles, Willie Mays Haze, slow ‘merkins, grass grabbers and imperial walkers was interrupted twice with sets of penalty burpees. We jogged to the sloping parking lot and got into groups of four. One pair did Russian […]

Q’ing in the time of cholera

Introduction:Today marks the 25th anniversary of me likely playing the computer game Oregon Trail.  I also used to live in Oregon and sadly it was nothing like the game so I moved. Warm-O-Rama:Imperial Squat Walkers (x10)Side Straddle Hops (x20)Willy Mays Hays (x10)Slow Merkins (x10) The THANG:I described the lay of the land and explained the […]


YHC had the opportunity to get out of Chatham County today, and that opportunity yielded the pleasure of working out with some great SoDu men at Tobacco Road.  Heck, Vespa even showed up on his motorcycle.  Greetings & salutations.  Fist bumps.  One minute warning.  One more car pulls in.  10 guys ready to rock-n-roll: Warm […]

Saving our backs

*Belated BB some of the details were fuzzy immediately following, now this is a good estimate of what took place* YHC signed up for the Q late after straining his back at work the day before, rather than miss might as well lead something to save the back. YHC wanted to focus on stretching form […]

Traveling Tennis Courts

The Q sheets showing the start of summer and scattered plans YHC grabbed the Q knowing of upcoming travel and missed days with the fellow Northern Province PAX. Also thanks to slack YHC knew this was the opportunity to show Brick what the skunk had to offer! Shovel flag planted and 4 PAX, disclaimers given […]

Board of Pain Dora

Time for a quick history lesson.The Warden of the North, Tater Tot, decided to create a board of pain for Hurricanrana and any future North Durham sites. It’s a simple concept. The board has a list of exercises with insanely high exercises. The PAX that makes it furthest down the list at the end of […]

Running Around the Clock

11 PAX met in the gloom to help initiate YHC’s first Q and to do a race against time . . . Warmup: SSH, WMH, Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies, AC (both directions), and OC The Thang: Mosey to car circle and do some clock escalator. Starting at 1 o’clock, the PAX will move around the circle […]

It Was Jumping at The Big House

Warmup: SSH x 30 WMH x 10 IW x 10 Thang: Light jog to the park.   10 Stone Jumps/20 Merkins, 10 Stone Jumps/20 Staggered(?) Merkins, 10 Stone Jumps/20 Staggered Merkins. Sprint the field and jog back.  10 Sideways Stone Jumps/20 Wide Grip Merkins, 10 Sideways Stone Jumps/20 Diamond Merkins, 10 Sideways Stone Jumps/20 Chuck […]

Race and Recover

Numbers have been strong at the Goat in recent weeks. Today did not disappoint. Warm-Up: 2 Laps around Hooker Fields High knees Butt Kickers Frankensteins Knees to Chest Karaokes Timed Interval Ladder YHC wanted to keep us on the track today and work on our long distance pacing. YHC explained we would be doing an […]