Burpees (with Beards)

The Rambler lit up the Bat Signal that he needed a sub Q, as he was undergoing a…wait for it….sleep study Thursday evening.  All of us were fairly suspicious, as we’re all pretty confident that The Rambler (just like Chuck Norris) doesn’t actually sleep – he waits.   So YHCs volunteered, and nine men showed […]

Nuthin’ To It, But To Druid

Per wikipedia (cross checked, certified and verified by highly trained interwebs intelligentsia): “As with other mustelids of relatively large size…honey badgers are notorious for their strength, ferocity and toughness. They have been known to savagely and fearlessly attack almost any kind of animal when escape is impossible, reportedly repelling much larger predators such as lions.” […]

This Future Sucks

YHC had a few harbingers set up for the morning, but stumbled upon an apt title graffiti-ed on the Libba Cotton path. Warm up: SSH x 20 IW x 10 Merkins x 10 Air Squats x 10 LBCs x 20   (Harbinger number one…)   Mosey over to the Libba Cotton bike path and the […]

ein Getränk für alle meine Freunde!

“Oh, why, hello derr, my friend! What isn’t going on herr??” – 0 – So, sometime a bit after Y2K scare and all, wanna say circa 2001-2003ish, you know, back when folks would actually pick up one of those NetZero tins with a shiny CD in it near the checkout stand at your local grocery […]

Climbing the Mountain (again, and again, and again….)

YHC always likes coming to Paradise because it is such a great AO with tons of options. Perhaps most challenging among them is ‘the hill’, which has kicked YHC’s butt many times. Rather than avoid it I decided to plan a Q to tackle it head on. Warmup SSH IC x20 Imperial Walkers IC x10 […]

Substitute Q

YHC subbed for Beano this AM as he was drawn out of town last minute on work. If 42 is the answer to the universe, AMRAP is the answer to any workout plan. What should I do if I don’t have time to time? AMRAP What should I do for my first Q? AMRAP What […]

Boucher Q is ‘Back’ at Tobacco Road

Floyd was originally set to Q this workout, but he had a meeting pop up and called out for a Q and YHC was ready and waiting to lead.  Tobacco Road is YHC’s closest and “home” AO, but due to a number of uncertainties finds it hard to commit to Qing more often.  It’s been […]

Island Hunting 2: Ladderjacks

Back in January, Shake It Q’d a simple but effective workout: start at the church stairs, run to every island in the parking lot, do five burpees, run back. Simple, yet effective. YHC has been wanting to replicate the workout with a different core exercise. Fast forward to about a month ago. I watch a […]

Back in the Ring

24 PAX showed up at The Big House today, I think mostly to see if I’d injure myself during my first (bootcamp) Q since injury. Alas, there’d be no knee blow-outs  at TBH today and that, my friends, is success. I kicked things off with the Police. Warm-Up Stretches to  ‘Walking on The Moon‘ Standing […]

The Horns of Dilemma

Warm-O-Rama: Side Straddle Hops Imperial Walker “That guy from the movie Major League” Calf stretch plank Run to the pickleball courts The THANG: Once at the pickleball courts i explained we would run a ½ mile lap at 100% effort and to remember your time. After the first lap we wrote down our times, each […]