Sweet Revenge

Intro After getting to the AO a little earlier than usual, I waited in the parking lot for a couple of minutes (seemed like 10) for the PAX to arrive.  Once I had reconciled myself that I might have to Q a solo workout (and would I do the warmup or just skip it?), Dueling […]

Circled and Diced

7 PAX emerged from the humid gloom (and were just glad it wasn’t raining) ready for a beatdown. Warm up: WMH (x10) Copperhead Squats (x10) 25 Jump Squats 10 Burpees OYO The Thang: Street Crawls. PAX in two groups. Each group must make it all the way around the circle. One must be bear crawling […]

Only YOU can [put out] forest fires

All the recent news about wildfires got YHC thinking: F3 guys are the kind of guys who’d want to help out if wildfires threatened. So, what better way to prepare than practicing some bucket brigades… Warmup: SSH (30), Willie Mays Hayes (10), Good Mornings (10), Arm Circles (10 forward and 10 reverse), Slow Merkins (10). […]

Cinematic Anniversary

Two years ago, 12 men ventured into new territory to launch The Thicket. Today 23 PAX — who now have nine AOs in that once new territory of Chatham County — celebrated the anniversary in cinematic fashion. It had all the makings of a blockbuster: nostalgia, comedy, action sequences, special effects, a dynamic foe, plot […]

Coco-less Q

17 PAX assembled with anticipation looking forward to what was likely to be their last Coco beat-down before he heads out to establish F3 SLC. As 0545 approached without a silver Camry screaming around the corner, it became apparent something was amiss. Turns out Coco had made a valiant attempt to drive straight thru from a […]

There’s Something About Mary

In preparation for the Chapel Hill GoRuck Tough Challenge, I signed up for the Pathfinder Endure (This is the intermediate level. There is also “Forward,” the intro level, and “Advanced,” for the experienced “Big Dogs” out there) program. https://pathfinderrucktraining.com/. For those interested in getting some solid ruck training, I recommend this program highly. I felt […]

An Exercise in Audibles

Can I tell you  something personal? I love the Q shop tab on the mega doc. At first it served me well to avoid those Qs who put the fear of GOD into to me early on by calling feats of strength and endurance like bear crawling the entire hill at Ramseys. These days I […]

Sharing The Q

Out of exhaustion or a desire to build our leadership, YHC decided to devise a workout where each PAX shared the Q love. A total of 6 PAX arrived in the Gloom and moseyed to the traffic circle. WARM-UP: Chinooks (x10 CC, both directions), Finkelswings (x10 CC, each leg), Annies (x10 CC, each arm), 10 […]

The Fibonacci Series

For the second consecutive weeks there were multiple EC options for the PAX to indulge themselves on.  Cheese and Pep lead an 0600 ruck to the pull-up bars. YHC lead an 0630 interval workout on the Githens track, and was joined by Snots and Cardiac.   24 PAX in all would arrive to experience a […]

The Bridge and The Wounded

5 PAX showed up for a Rebar Q and a surprise by Uzi Warm up SSH x120 IC (thanks to Potter) Imperial Walker x 20 IC Willie Mays Hays x 10 IC Arm Circles x 10 IC Reverse Arm Circles x 10 IC 6 burpees in honor of Nightshift’s 6th post in 6 days   […]