Bet on Your PAX

Let’s be honest: leading an F3 Q can be intimidating. Heck, participating in a workout can feel that way, too. We want to portray an image of having it all together. We don’t want to screw up in front of our peers. We don’t want to fail or fall short. Yes, we all have a […]

Customer Satisfaction Program Redux

With the Customer Satisfaction Program being well received at Kenan on Monday, YHC decided it was perfect for a last minute Q switcheroo. Warmup: SSH (30), Imperial Walkers (10), Windmills (10), Arm Circles (10 forward and reverse), Willie Mays Hayes (10) Ricky Bobby on the path around the soccer fields, ending back at the rock […]

An Experiment

Last week that AH Pax endured a brutal beat down.  More details available here, but in sum it involved plate pushes/coupon carries up a big hill followed by full field burpeecides. Having set the bar high, last week’s co-Q’s wondered how to turn things up a notch as they once again took the Q reins: […]

Adversity and Resilience at The Falcon

It is true.  We are not each given the same position at the starting line in life.  Some of us are born with advantages, those relating to nature and to nurture, and that is just the way it is.  Booker T. Washington once said, “I have learned that success is to be measured not so […]

Ain’t tired!

3 pax cranked out some EC consisting of clean and jerks, rows, curls, KB swings, and squats. YHC then set up the tire for a day of fun. Warm up Arm circles, Good morning, windmills, slow merkins The thang 1 pax jumping Lt. Dan (squat jump instead of a squat!) down and back while others […]

Time after Time

YHC is a timely guy. I like to start on time, have enough time, times on the calendar, time for this, time for that. So, we hit the Big Dance, and the clock, and made the most of that 45 minutes. Warmup: 15 SSH 15 Merkins 10 WMH 10 Merkins 10 LBACs and Reverse 5 […]

Round Robin

5 brave souls answered the sweet siren call of Lone Pine and 14 PAX reported for the ME. YHC used a little crowd sourcing to plan today’s beatdown.  Tip of the cap to both Bell’s and Soybean for the inspiration.  Remember kids, always cite your sources. Warm-up SSH x 20 (IC) WMH x 10 (IC) […]

Kicking Balls Around

Warm up: Yoga moves, I don’t bend so good any more SSH x 25, Good Mornings, WMHs, Imperial Walkers, Merkins x 20   The Thang: The World Cup is on!!! And England beat Panama 6-1 on Saturday! YHC’s thoughts turned to balls. With two soccer balls available we were going to have a kickabout. Round […]

Power of Threes

13 PAX circled up for a VQ from YHC. Warmup SSH x 20 Willie Mays Hays x 10 Good Morning x 10 Arm Circles x 10 Reverse Arm Circles x 10 Then the PAX moseyed to the back of Culbreth and were informed by YHC that the workout would consist of circuits of 3 exercises […]

Kick It

O.G. or Original Gangsta was the theme at TBH this month and YHC had the privilege to take the anchor position. DOI, ETE, and Link had the Q prior and I felt like those were big shoes to live up to. Link and I started almost at the same time at the pre-Thicket workouts. DOI […]