Dad Bod Beach Workout, Bullpen Style

YHC happened to be headed to the beach this afternoons, so Google’d beach-related back blasts. Hat tip to Meter Maid in Memphis for the chance to adapt his Dad Bod Beach Workout. WARM UP: Windmills x 15 WMH x 10 LBACs x 12 x reverse “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys (SSH, Burpees on “Vibrations”) THE […]

2500 Reps, and eat a damn omelet!

It’s been a couple of weeks since YHC had been able to make an appearance at Amrap because of travel, so I wanted to make a comeback with something that would suck. The idea was to set a goal and rush towards it, then surpass it. 4 PAX took on this mission and it was […]

Making it up as I go…

9 PAX posted in the humid gloom for a Thursday beatdown from YHC. The main thing I wanted to do today was to give the PAX a ready made Q in the event that they are called in for a last-minute Q and don’t know what to do. I told them that nothing was planned […]

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and more

6 Pax gathered at OCL on a thick morning and celebrated Clint Eastwood’s birthday with a themed workout. Warm-up 20 SSH 10 WHM 20 IW 10 GM 10 LBAC 10 Reverse Mosey to Playground to begin with The Good: A Six Pack of merkins and pull-ups. Start with one pull-up, drop and do 5 merkins.  […]

Becoming a Three-Sport Letter Winner

YHC had completely flubbed the prior week’s Q and needed to make up for it with something especially memorable for the faithful PAX at The Skunk. Working theme was “Become a Three Sport Letter Winner.” Also, since Buffay had recently returned from a southern civil rights tour, YHC felt inspired to incorporate activities that honored […]

Zook’s Cookie

Today marked the first time YHC has Qd outside of Chatham County.  I wanted to bring some Chatham-inspired heat and first on my list was from F3 Churham’s Zook (Matt Glass). He ran an exercise at The Wall from his high school (track?) days that was a lot of fun so I recycled it for […]

Music Makes You A Champ

5 gathered for a motivational music workout in the streets of Pittsboro. Yes, we were awesome like Rocky. Soundtrack Eye of the Tiger Warm-up 20xSSH Arm circles Some stretching Thang Brass Monkey Mosey to the courthouse. Burpee every time the Beastie Boys say “monkey” Smooth Criminal Alternating flutter kicks and merkins during the verse and […]

Bluegrass Tabata

It’s been a while since YHC has had the privilege to Q a TBH workout. With the inspiration to do something to reflect my namesake from Boyardee, I had the perfect soundtrack for a good workout. I wanted to get a lot of reps in and minimize explanations. Timed Tabata also seemed in order. Combine […]

Team Coupon Carries up THWM

5 decided they were primed for pine time this morning and took to the Pine with humility and humidity.  There’s nothing like embarking on a Pine run only to realize that running up the hill to exit OEC is a chore in and of itself.  In any case, we persisted and survived today’s Pine. On […]

Leg day…no, Merkins…no, legs…

When we last saw the Hurricanrana crew we we’re busting out Merkins of all varieties.  Recognizing we didn’t “do legs”, since I DO have a heart, YHC decided to do legs today.  But, Mr. Brady is Mr. Brady, so YHC snuck in a merkin or two.  While we sharpened one another, the mumblechatter about the […]