the no-coupon-coupon-ruck

YHC and Stinky Pete planned an 8-mile coupon ruck for today but after a week of sickness and general exhaustion we collectively called it off approximately 10 hours prior to go-time. As much it pained us to cancel, it was the right call. Of course that doesn’t help our PF challenge any but we’ll get […]

The Essential Spring Playlist

Spring was in the air as the Pax gathered around “Old Glory” in Hillsborough. The 60-degree temperatures brought out the single sleeves and the smiles.  It’s been a long winter in the Northern Province of Churham. So YHC knew it was important to mark this occasion. It was so warm that Buffay made it with […]

Pony Pyramid and The Wheel

YHC used the magic of Google Earth to research his Honey Badger VQ and found a couple landmarks calling out like beacons in the gloom.  With a beatdown designed around those, YHC bought the pony express to Durham City Hall and found 9 additional PAX ready to embrace the day. Warm-up around the flagpole 20 […]

What happens at Animal House stays at Animal House

WarmUp Xxxxxxxxx The THANG Xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx x x xxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx x Xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx/xx Xxxxx-Xxxxx Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx Xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx Mary Xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx/xx   COT SMOKED  

Marching 26 @ The Rock

It was another cold morning in the Northern Province, so YHC decided that Mother Nature needed a reminder that it was March 26th, which is technically Spring in northern hemisphere. Six PAX gathered at The Rock and performed YHC’s March 26 March.   Warm up: The PAX left the AO parking lot with a fellowship […]

F3 Easter egg hunt, and recreating an album cover

(pictured above, our blond PAX frolicking at Briar Chapel’s Astronomy Park at today’s Easter egg hunt) Introduction: Been a busy week for YHC.  I should really be mailing this one in, with a bevy of time-killing curb maneuvers and hill ladder punishments, but I couldn’t resist. I don’t Q much, and I’ve had this notion to involve […]

Slaughter from start to finish

7 Pax entered the hallowed ground of Orange High School for The Skunk.  YHC woke up an hour early and decided to find some new things to do by searching on F3nation. The start – At 5:30 on the dot YHC declared that we would begin with a Slaughter Starter (20 OYO burpees).  The PAX […]

Parking Lot Stalls

Griswold and Rambler convened at 0500 for some skinny Murph training. Beanbag joined the 2 early risers for a full body circuit consisting of various equipment. Warmup: Arm Circles (in cadence x10) Reverse (in cadence x10) Good Mornings (in cadence x10) Chest/shoulder stretches (in cadence x10) The Thang: A brief overview of what we were […]

karma strikes back

Warmup:  Lap around the peanut with high knees, butt kickers, backwards running, and short sprint 5x Burpees 18x SSH 10x Goodmornings 24x air squat 20x aircircles The thang:  Started things off right the only way I know how… with a cardiac lap.  Finish the cardiac lap at the playground for some pull ups.  Goal of […]


YHC’s “home base” is Chatham County.  It and its Pax are great, but there is something unique and joyful about visiting other AOs.  So, I’m trying to make it a habit to visit more AOs, meet new friends, and do some hard work with them.  The Bullpen is the eleventh different AO (and first in […]