Fit Deck

YHC scrambled home after Qing Basecamp to collect Tarantula & a Fit Deck and arrived at Sunnyside with a minute or two to spare Warmup: SSH A number of other exercises that I have forgotten… The Thang: YHC bought a Fitdeck about 10 years ago, threw it in a drawer and subsequently forgot about it forever. […]

Two for the (off)road

Compared to the previous few days, YHC stepped outside to a balmy 30 degree morning. I assumed that this would mean a huge congregation would be waiting at the AO for a grand ol’ ruck. Instead, Chum was holding court in the parking lot, solo. We waited a bit and concluded that we would be […]

30s on the 30th

30 degrees on the 30th of December and the fun comes in 30-second increments. WARMARAMA Lap SSH Imperial Walker Hillbilly Arm circles Merkins Mtn climber Air squat   THE THANG Mosey to Armory, TBR style with flag out front, 20# black punkin in middle, guy at the six does 5 burpees then sprint to front […]

Cold, Schmold. Modified Ladders and Coffeteria!

Without getting too Schmaltzy/Cheesy allow me some latitude if you will:   Every F3 Workout  provides a memorable moment.   A moment of Joy.     The moment that comes unexpected, and not looked for.   Part of the beauty of it is that it is not forced, it is natural, and flows out of […]

15 Degrees of “Fun”

YHC opened his weather app at 4:50….”15 Degrees” in Hillsborough.  Based upon that reading, YHC figured only a few PAX would show up.  YHC was correct.  At 6:15, 3 shivering PAX set out to warm themselves. WARM-UP: SSH x 15 (cadence count) Good Mornings x 15 (cadence count) LBAC x 15 (cadence count), Reverse and […]

Did You Lose Feeling in Your Fingertips, too?

8 PAX showed up (on time) in absolute frigid conditions. Our co-Q, Coco, was designated for the 2nd half of the Q and believed that meant he could sleep an extra 30 minutes and just show up for his portion of the workout. Interesting approach that I may try in the future. In the end, […]

Too Cold To Think

Coming to the AO as ‘just’ a PAX, I looked forward to being led this morning, and not leading. It was too cold to even think. Unfortunately, a different kind of cold took hold of the scheduled Q, and Griswold and YHC co-Qd those PAX inclined to come out this AM….that would be…the two of […]

The Triple Nickel

After finishing the Master Q earlier this month, YHC realized he was extremely close to 50 Q’s for the year.  Although this was never a personal goal, 50 is a nice number to wrap up 2017 with.  7 other PAX joined YHC in 23 degree weather. Special thanks to Bushwood, who was kind enough to […]

Three Periods of Fun

YHC grew up spending his winters in ice arenas throughout Michigan. The gloom this morning felt about the same temperature, and after the workout I smelled about the same too.  Appropriately I had three periods of fun ready for the PAX to enjoy this winter morning.  Today being my first Q, the cold was a […]

A look back on 2017, A look ahead to 2018

Time sure seems to fly when you are having fun.  So to help remember this great year that is ending and get excited for the new year- a small but determined group of us met in the very dark and cold morning to share the last Thursday of the year.  We enjoyed some exercises that […]