Bear Crawl Agility Test is born at the Bullpen

YHC’s original goal was to attend a workout at every Site in the Churham area, when the Master Q challenge came along, it seemed natural to change that Goal to Q at every site in the Churham area.   The first Q (July 5th) was the hardest.   The Q’s have become less difficult, the workouts still kick […]


This is my kind of AO. A site dedicated to doing steel and reps and as little running as possible. I’m thinking of naming a new AO #ALRAP in its honor. As you are aware, the site, AMRAP stands for as many reps as possible. I felt that today’s workout should live up to the […]

Dans L’air Mince

It’s a well know fact that the oxygen levels at the top of the Paradise BFH is much thinner than that at the bottom. Climbing this hill puts one in a state of oxygen depletion which damages fine motor skills and causes decision making to become increasingly impossible. Good thing we would mindlessly sherp heavy […]

12 Burpees of F3 strikes again

The holiday sprit was in full force this morning… until the workout was announced “The 12 Burpees of F3”.  The brave band of brothers excitedly took up the challenge.  As a brief warm up we did some SSH, mtn. climbers and merkins.  Then we did 1 rep each of the 12 varieties of burpees that […]

VQ: Keep it Stupid Simple

I sat straight up in bed this morning, waking from a crazy deep sleep feeling completely rested but with that, “Oh Crap, I overslept!” panic. After checking the clock and realizing it was only 4:45a, I could stop worrying about oversleeping. Boy was I wound up. I’m no stranger to speaking in public and leading […]

Who Moved the Stairs?

6 PAX Murph’d it out for a dose of EC at the #TheThicket AO. YHC loved the unique approach to knocking out the pullups/merkin/squat reps by breaking them down into reps of 1/2/4; 2/4/6, 3/6/8, 4/8/12 (if I was paying attention correctly?).  The Murph continues to be a PAX favorite for it’s challenge, simplicity (in […]

Just keep moving

Fifteen PAX arrived at the Cougar in the cold dawn, several of whom had already warmed their bones with intervals on the track. With all the Wednesday morning workout options these days, seeing that many PAX in the Cougary-gloom warms the heart and soul! Warm-up SSH (IC x 25) Imperial walkers (IC x 20) Merkins […]

Reminder: Finish Strong This Year

North Durham was the scene of the crime this AM.  Chubbs and I ruck-ran for 30 minutes while we discussed the finer things in life such as rucking, our respective professions, and our respective beloved alma maters.  EC rucking is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow PAX.  Take advantage of it if […]

Vortex, Served Cold with Cheese

I like F3 so much.  Today’s workout was fine, and I’ll write about it.  But all of the things surrounding the workout—the camaraderie, encouragement, off-the-field connections, etc.—were the best.  Fully aware that I risk sending the cheese factor through the roof, here’s a report on each. YHC knew the weather man had missed it again […]

Mr. McGiblet’s Wild Adventure

I’m sorry for the very late backblast on this Thanksgiving morning workout. The tryptophan from dinner wiped me out. Thank you for everyone that came out on a very dark and cold morning. Although it was a holiday, we had a great turnout. A special guest: Mr. McGiblets, joined us for the workout. Warm up: […]