Celebrating a 500-year Anniversary and Halloween

In addition to this being Halloween, it’s also the 500th anniversary of an event that had a massive influence on western history and culture.  It’s this day, 500 years ago, that Martin Luther reportedly posted his 95 theses on the door of Wittenburg Castle Church proposing a discussion on the practice of selling indulgences.  This […]

You doing some landscaping at home?

The morning chill may have diminished numbers, but it did not damper enthusiasm for the 8 brave PAX that made their way to the Eagle this morning.  YHC has been bitten by the Spartan bug and decided to share his CSAUP training with the group. For warm-up, we practiced how’d we play: 20 x SSH […]

The Frozen Wankie Show

Three PAX (Rambler, Bunyan, Mumbles) knocked out some rucking EC, and two PAX (MM and Boyardee) knocked out Murph EC.  As time approached, YHC was greeted by 18 other men on a chilly autumn morning for my VQ.  There would be some exercising, some lessons learned, and some frozen wankies.   Lesson Learned #1: When […]

Starry Starry Morn at Kenan

The temperature dipped into the 30s for the first time this fall (or least for a Monday morning) and 13 PAX pulled out the long johns and stocking caps to mix it up at Kenan. There was no issue with lighting, though, as the sky was crystal clear and filled with stars. Warm-Up: SSH x […]

Can you SMELL what The Rock is Cooking?

The Rock is cooking up something nice in Hillsborough.  The AO has everything you could want: a playground, a large field, a big hill, and a crew of enthusiastic PAX looking to keep the momentum moving.  This morning brought us high 30 degree temperatures, but that did not cool off any of the excitement. I […]

Fall is here and the Good Livin’ is easy!

Week 2 of Basecamp. YHC saw that no one had signed up on the Q sheet, so jumped on it. Woke up to a beautiful Fall morning…crisp, clear and cool. Headed to the AO and was greeted by a 6 pack (plus one 2.0) of savages. Exchanged warm greetings. Time to get down to business. […]

Blessed and Unstoppable

YHC and Banjo for a recon ruck launched at 0545. Shake It wanted to get some miles in while getting final prep before Carolina Beast next weekend, and was joined by Gump for EC run. The EC crews were joined by another 4 PAX for the ME. Also, joining the PAX were 35# kettlebells x2 […]

Chris Spielman – 29

Disclaimer My apologies, YHC forgot to get a head count, so I might be missing a couple names.  Just send me a DM and I will add you to the list. YHC showed up in his usual Sweater Vest for the Q.  Starting to get a little chilly for the vest this morning.  Felt like […]

Halloween at Bastille

YHC arrived at 0510 to set-up the AO.  Co-Q, Beano, arrived to help with set-up.  Two body bags, Smoke machine, two dozen flicking candles, 4 plastic carcasses, cinder blocks, coolers with “organs”, dozen plastic body parts, two blood smeared table clothes, four plastic butcher knives, bucket of plastic bones, bluetooth speaker – now we are […]

The Shakedown

YHC arrived shortly after 0530 to check out the lay of the land.  It’s never easy to plan a Q at an AO you’ve never visited, but reading previous backblasts gave me a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish with the PAX.  After there was more trash talking about YHC’s age on Slack, […]