Stairs, Two Roundabouts, and a Parking Lot

Thursday is always a great day in the lovely town of Carrboro, NC. Why?  Well, you can start your day off in Paradise.  That is exactly what 11 PAX did this morning after welcoming FNG, Burger King. Read further and learn more. WARM UP – SSH, Arm Swings (5x right, 5x left), Good Mornings, Willie […]

Welcome, Skidmark!

Two PAX met to know the darkness for 0430 XL ruck. 4 miles at sub 15:00 pace. YHC was feeling the burn, but good company pushed me through (thanks, Rambler). Calling all PAX to get out and get some of the rucking action.   Seven PAX for the main event. Meet in Woods Charter parking […]

“Aint Nothin’ But a Peanut”

10 PAX showed up (one coming in hot just a touch after 0530) to put in some work on a nice sub-70 degree morning in Herndon Park.  Tobacco Road is one of my all-time favorite AOs, serving as my 2nd ever post, I believe.  It is only fitting that my Durham/Chapel Hill Master Q tour […]

Bricks Anyone? Also, watch out for Copperheads.

Thanks to an usually informative pre-blast (cc: @coco), ten (10) PAX (incl one shoe-less FNG) arrived at the Bullpen ready to work. Programming note: @TheExchange furnished FNG with gently used size 11 running shoes. Warm up SSH, Little Baby Arm Circles and Reverse LBAC (+ make them big), Mountain Climbers, Merkins, etc. Thang As per […]

CoPs at HoP

ShakeIt’s prediction of a heavy F3 police presence at HoP proved to be true.  22 other PAX emerged from the gloom to test the police response and their beatdown tactics.  Plenty of steel & sand were deployed in an attempt to quiet the crowd.  Were they peaceful protesters?  Hardened criminals?  Recent escapees from the local […]

Welcome to Flavor Town   When YHC decided to own up to doing his VQ is seemed like so far away and there was no sense of worry. There was no doubt a bit of trepidation around this one in making sure it went just right. Given the ‘Fieri’ theme there was an attempt to make it ‘full […]

Operation Leg Blast

Many of our Lone Pine regulars took part in a soul crushing 5 ascent beatdown at the Goat, so the Pine was closed today.  That didn’t stop 9 PAX from enduring some Spartan EC work that included carrying heavy objects (sandbags, bells, plates, buckets) up and down Tarheel Warrior Mountain.  The legend of Au Jus […]

Scouting Party

Warm Up SSH, Imperial Walker, Arm Circles forward/reverse, Good Mornings, Willie Mays Hayes The Thang This was the PAX first time at the potential site, so a lot of “mosey over there and try something” then “mosey somewhere else and try something else.” Mosey from parking lot to the Main Entrance.  25 Dips in cadence […]

Themes and Variations at The Cougar

The last stop in Chapel Hill for the Sweats Master Q tour is The Cougar.  And what a fitting last stop, giving me a chance to see guys I haven’t seen since, well, Paradise.  Great to see all the PAX out here, faces new and old.  And welcome to FNG Dilbert! Antov Chekov once famously […]